7IN P60 FIBRE DISC TN 785C (25)
3M™ Fibre Grinding Discs - 785C for Aluminum & Fiberglass

785C Grinding Discs - Aluminum & Fiberglass

Cubitron-Aluminum Oxide Blended Abrasive • With Multiple Attachment Systems
By: 3M

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These 785C grinding discs represent the high performance end of 3M's general purpose disc offerings.
They are a good starting point for grinding a variety of substrates including aluminum, nickel bronze, stainless steel and other softer metals, as well as fiberglass and composites.

785C uses a blend of long-wearing Cubitron™ ceramic and aluminum oxide minerals.
785C cuts cooler and faster than 510C alumina zirconia discs, with lower heat build up and less discoloration of the work piece — making it ideal for leveling stainless steel welds and working with high nickel alloys.
These 785C discs are the "go to" discs for use on marine grade aluminum alloys.

• Grinding aid for cooler running temperatures and less loading
• Tough, but flexible, fibre backing
• Long life
• Fast cutting
• Offered with GL Grit-Lok or 5/8-11 TN quick change attachments
• A "P" grit rating indicates that the abrasive mineral meets international standards for particle size consistency

User Tip — Especially with coarser 36 and 24 grits, we recommend the use of an extra hard red ribbed backing plate for cooler running and prolonged disc life; see Related Products, below.

For higher performance discs, consider 3M's 985C (3M's original pure Cubitron disc), recommended for use on stainless steel.
An economical alternative would be 3M's lower performance 381C aluminum oxide disc; see Related Products, below.
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210112MMM 80661 80661Loading...4-1/2" x 7/8" Hole 785C Grinding Disc - 50 Grit (25)Loading...
391175MMM 80655 80655Loading...5" x 7/8" Hole 785C Grinding Disc - 120 Grit (25)Loading...
91784MMM 13932S 13932SLoading...7" x 7/8" Hole 785C Grinding Disc - 80 Grit (25)Loading...
91783MMM 13933S 13933SLoading...7" x 7/8" Hole 785C Grinding Disc - 60 Grit (25)Loading...
211003MMM 14170 14170Loading...4-1/2" x TN 785C Grinding Disc - 50 Grit (25)Loading...
205992MMM 60719 60719Loading...4-1/2" x TN 785C Grinding Disc - 36 Grit (25)Loading...
211761MMM 88834 88834Loading...7" x TN 785C Grinding Disc - P120 Grit (25)Loading...
211760MMM 12247 12247Loading...7" x TN 785C Grinding Disc - 80 Grit (25)Loading...
211759MMM 88831 88831Loading...7" x TN 785C Grinding Disc - 60 Grit (25)Loading...
211757MMM 12243 12243Loading...7" x TN 785C Grinding Disc - 24 Grit (25)Loading...
193567MMM 13884S 13884SLoading...4-1/2" x GL Nut 785C Grinding Disc - 80 Grit (25)Loading...
45466MMM 13885S 13885SLoading...4-1/2" x GL Nut 785C Grinding Disc - 60 Grit (25)Loading...
38533MMM 13888S 13888SLoading...4-1/2" x GL Nut 785C Grinding Disc - 36 Grit (25)Loading...
38535MMM 13889S 13889SLoading...4-1/2" x GL Nut 785C Grinding Disc - 24 Grit (25)Loading...
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