SafeAbsorb Xtra Expandable Shock Absorbing Lanyard
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SafeAbsorb Xtra Expandable Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Compact Stretchable Design
By: 3M

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This premium, expandable lanyard provides excellent freedom of movement, and helps reduce tripping and snagging hazards by stretching from 4 to 6 ft when you pull on it.
This expansion feature is in addition to its integrated shock absorbing function in the event of a fall.
It comes with 2 snap hooks.

In the event of a fall, the lanyard can act as an energy absorber.
Similar to some types of climbing equipment, when you fall on this lanyard, after it extends to its normal 6 ft maximum length, extra stitching rips out, and in doinjg so, absorbs the shock of the fall.
At the same time, the ripped stitching allows the lanyard to become longer.
This can help protect workers by reducing the arresting force applied to a worker's body to within safe limits.

In a fall that utilizes the full energy absorbing potential of the lanyard, enough stitching rips out to allow the lanyard to lengthen an additional 3-1/2 ft.
This potential lengthening must be taken into account when calculating fall clearance requirements — how far a worker can fall before hitting an obstruction, or the ground.

• Designed for general purpose work environments
• Integrated heavy-duty elastic cord provides bungee-style retraction to help keep the lanyard out of your way
• Rated for up to a 6 ft free fall application for a single user, with a maximum capacity of 310 lb (including clothing, tools, etc.)
• Load Indicator Lines on the lanyard let you quickly determine if the lanyard has been subjected to a fall, and must be replaced
• Dual action, self-locking snaphooks have a minimal tensile breaking strength of 5,000 lb, and a 3,600 lb gate rating (prevents accidental opening)
• Maximum dynamic arrest force of 900 lbf (4 kN), and a maximum elongation of 42" in ANSI test cited below
• Meets requirements of ANSI Z359.1-2007 standard and CSA Z259.11-05

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