EP-21 Bottom Paint

EP-21 Ablative Release Coating

Copper-Free • Photoactive Release Coating • True Colors
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EP-21 is an ablative "Release Coating" which does not contain any copper or other biocides. Technically, it is not an antifouling paint. However, its chemistry creates an inhospitable and slippery surface which makes it difficult for fouling organisms to ever form an attachment.
EP-21 is a solvent-based ablative coating that can be applied to any hull material. Copper-free, it can be applied to steel or aluminum hulls, outboards, outdrives, and trim tabs without causing electrolysis.
EP-21 contains no booster biocides, which accounts for its attractive pricing.

EP-21 releases biofouling via three distinct mechanisms — its photoactive catalyst technology produces hydrogen peroxide when exposed to sunlight, which discourages the settling of fouling organism larvae; it contains a PTFE-type component which creates a very slippery surface making it difficult for organisms to attach; and its soft ablative surface slowly erodes - like a bar of soap - shedding any organisms which may have managed to attach.

EP-21 offers single season protection on boats that move, but with multiple coats, multi-season protection is possible on boats that are only seldom used.
Some biofouling and maintenance scrubbing may be required to keep boat bottom clean but growth is readily removed by gentle scrubbing or the boat's motion through the water, as long as paint is on the hull.

• Suitable for fresh or salt water
• Rated "Excellent" at 6 months and "Good" after 12 months in tropical Florida waters by Practical Sailor Magazine (Oct. 2009)
• Designed for use on slow moving vessels up to 15 knots
• Bright, true colors --- will not fade, stain or turn yellow
• Hauling and re-launching will not affect coating performance as long as you re-launch within 24 months
• EP-21 is not hard enough for trailering
• As an ablative paint, service life is a direct function of film thickness
• Safe for use on steel and aluminum - prime bare metal with EP-Prime 1000 before applying EP-21
• Compatible with most epoxy-type primers and most popular traditional antifouling paint systems; call us at 800-426-6930 if you have questions
• Thinning: use ePaint EP13 thinner, if necessary, and apply an extra coat
• Coverage is 420 ft²/gallon; 3 coats recommended, with an additional 2 coats along the waterline; 55% solids (vol.)
• Made in USA

Approved for sale in Canada.
Registration not required by EPA (US) or PMRA (Canada); no pesticide license required for commercial application.

Heavy on the technical side...

• Do not apply EP-21 on unpainted metal surfaces; for bare metal, first coat with EP-Prime 1000 corrosion inhibiting primer.
• Due to the soft ablative character of EP-21, applying the recommended number of coats is strongly recommended for maximum service life.
• EP-21 does not contain a pesticide and it is not considered an antifouling coating; typically boat movement provides enough force to knock growth away from hull. Depending on boat useage and environment, maintenance scrubbing may be required to keep the hull clean, but growth is readily removed as long as paint is on the hull.
• Take care when cleaning EP-21 surface via power washinging at the end of the season; too forceful a spray technique will remove good paint.
• EP-21 is a very soft ablative and should be removed before re-coating with a different paint system; EP-21 is readily removed by power washing or sanding.
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