ZO-HP High Performance Hard Ablative Antifouling Paint

ZO-HP High Performance Hard Ablative Antifouling Paint

Copper Free • Single Season • High Speed Boats
By: ePaint

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ZO-HP offers excellent single season antifouling protection even in harsh tropical environments. ZO-HP is formulated with fluoro-polymers to provide a low friction surface when wet — this is ePaints best selling paint for serious racing sailors.

ZO-HP also features a hybrid finish that offers the best of both hard and ablative type antifouling paints — suitable for high speed vessels, no paint build-up over time; may be maintenance scrubbed in the water without taking off paint.

ZO-HP is copper-free and will not cause corrosion on aluminum hulls or metal parts.

Rather than leaching toxic chemicals into the water, ZO-HP works by combining the patented photoactive release of hydrogen peroxide to prevent attachment of hardshell fouling organisms, and the degradable biocide, Zinc Omadine (zinc pyrithione, 4.8%), to eliminate grass, slime, algae and bacteria.

• For salt and fresh waters - perfect choice for boats in high fouling tropical waters
• A single season paint, but service life can be extended by applying an additional coat
• Good for cruising and racing sailboats as well as high speed powerboats
• Ideal for sailboat racers who want to obtain a hard, fast, sleek racing finish; available in white
• Provides drag reduction and fuel savings
• Hard surface is ideal for boats that are frequently hauled and launched by trailer
• Copper-free, will not promote corrosion on metal
• Paint may be maintenance scrubbed in-water without taking off paint
• Compatible over many hard antifoulants and epoxy barrier coats
• 60 day dry to launch time; once launched may be taken out of the water for up to 12 months without re-coating
• Easy application by roller, brush, or spray
• Thinner: This paint is more viscous than most; thin with ePaint EP-13 thinner at cool or warm temps and for spraying
• Coverage is 275 ft²/gallon; 2 or 3 coats recommended, with an additional 2 coats along the waterline, leading edges, and high wash areas; 55% solids
• For a mirror-like racing finish, spray application is the preferred method, alternately roll and wet sand the final coat smooth after it dries
• Made in USA
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