UFO TV Antenna

UFO TV Antenna

Ulta Skim Case Design

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Using state-of-the-art technology, the UFO has a built-in 28dB amplifier right in the antenna. The signal is immediately boosted and then sent to the splitter box, as opposed to being amplified at the splitter as in other manufacturer's. This avoids amplifiying the noise generated in the wire, in addition to the signal. The splitter box has two outputs, which allows you to provide input for two different TVs. The simple design uses a single co-axial cable and fewer connectors, providing a reliable signal with minimal loss.
• Powerboat model includes: antenna with a center bracket, a low profile deck mount pedestal that screws into the bracket, power input/signal splitter box, and a coax connector
• Sailboat model includes: antenna with a mounting arm (shown), a deck mount pedestal that scews into the arm for mast-top mounting, and a metal bracket (fits into the arm) for mast-front mounting, power input/signal splitter box, and coax connector
• A convenient LED lets you know from afar when the antenna is receiving power
• Gain: 28dB; linearity: +/- 2dB
• Reception: 360°; 45 - 860MHz (FM-VHF-UHF)
• White, UV stabilized PVC case
• 12 to 24 volts; 50mA
• 3-year warranty
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