Manson Supreme Anchor

Manson Supreme Anchor, Galvanized

Versatile High Holding Power Anchor Suitable for Most Bottom Types

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Not just another pretty anchor. The unique Manson Supreme anchor has a number of innovative design features which speak to real world issues and concerns of everyday users.
Its strong, high-tensile shank, roll bar, and reinforced toe allow most of the weight of the anchor to be distributed throughout the oversized fluke where it helps the anchor to quickly dig in and set. The unique roll bar causes the anchor to self-right without needing the heavily weighted toe common in other designs.

A slotted attachment point for the anchor rode lets the shackle slide toward the head of the anchor and allows for reverse pull retrieval when anchoring in areas where rocks, cables, or logs are common.
The Manson Supreme Anchor is the only production anchor in the world to be registered with Lloyds as a Super High Holding Power anchor.

• 100% forged construction
• Sharpened spearhead toe ensures quick seabed penetration
• Hot dipped galvanized or satin finished 316 stainless
• Roll bar causes the anchor to self-right
• Made to fit and self-launch from all standard bow roller fittings
• Separate shackle attachment slot for rocky seabeds
• Lifetime warranty when used under normal conditions
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4 yrs 88 Kts, March 03, 2015
Sailed 12000 miles over four years with a Manson 60 on the bow. Never dragged once. One night 88KTs blasted the anchorage. 30 of the 32 boats in the anchorage dragged past us. Almost makes you wish you were dragging when you need to dodge all those boats! BUY ONE!!
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