Sigmar 120

Bulkhead Mounted Diesel Cabin Heater
By:  Sig Marine

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The Sig 120 is a larger version of the Sig 100 and has a comparably higher heat output. This heater is great in small boats or to heat a section of a larger boat. It is a natural draft, vaporizing oil heater so, if a favorable installation can be achieved, it will not require the use of the electric draft assist fan. It features the efficient 4.5" stainless steel burner and a flame viewing window. The heat can be extended with the optional hot air heat exchanger stack robber system. Fuel can be supplied via a pump, or you can use a gravity tank. Installation guidelines require a minimum 3 foot flue rise and heat clearances of 6 inches or a minimum of 2 inches to an insulated surface.

• Large view window
• Fuel consumption per 24 hours: low 0.95 gal., high 2.3 gal.
• BTU: 5,500 (low) to 13,300 (high)
• Boat size: 22 to 40 ft. sail, 22 to 30 ft. power
• Dimensions: 22.75"H x 8.75"W x 9.75"D
• Fuel: diesel #1, #2, or kerosene
• Weight: 14 lbs.
• 905049 and 905017 should be ordered together
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