Native Knife - Plain Blade

3-1/8" CPM-S30V Stainless Steel Alloy Blade • Hollow Grind Blade

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Since its original release in 1997, the Native has been a mainstay of the Spyderco product line. The Native knife was engineered for the human hand. Its ergonomic design maximizes cutting ability while minimizing discomfort and fatigue.

The Native design provides for two different hand positions. Placing your index finger in the first indentation (where the blade and handle meet) allows for greater control and dexterity. Placing your index finger in the second indentation, farther back on the handle, allows for a more powerful stroke when pushing the blade away from you.

• Blade Shape — Spear Point Blade is symmetrical with an equal amount of curve on the spine and the cutting edge. The grind line of the primary bevel and the point both lie on the blade's centerline. The Native spear point blade feature an unsharpened, beveled swedge on the back of the blade. The swedge reduces weight, enhances balance, and improves penetration. A section of non-sharpened serrations at the base of the blade's spine provide an optional slip resistant position for the thumb

• Blade Grind — Full Hollow Grind blade shape with bevels that extend from the center of the blade down to the cutting edge. This grind maintains full blade thickness through a larger portion of the blade for increased strength. The bevels, however, are ground with a concave radius to create a finer edge profile which is very sharp (straight razors for shaving have this hollow grind), but at the cost of slightly less edge durability compared to flat sabre ground edges

• Blade Edge — the Native is offered in two versions:
Combination Edge which is part smooth and part serrated - offering that advantages of both types in a single blade. The smooth edge portion cuts cleanly, while the more aggressive serrated portion makes short work of tough to cut items like rope. The combination blade is a good compromise when the blade will be used for general purposes. Note that in this particular blade, the "combination" split is not 50/50. It is closer to 80% serrated/20% smooth.
The Native is also available with a traditional Plain, or Smooth, edge which cuts cleanly and sharpens quickly and easily

• Large trademark Spyderco Round Hole allows easy opening and closing of the knife using the thumb of just one hand.

• Handle — the Native has a high strength, lightweight, fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) polymer handle with Spyderco's patented bi-directional textured pattern for enhanced grip. This pattern features forward and backward graduating steps raditaing out from the center of the handle. It comes in black or pink.

• CPM S30V stainless steel alloy blade has a reputation for long-term edge retention and rust resistance
• Reversible (for left or right hand use), tip-up black steel pocket clip secures the knife inside your back pocket; this knife carries best in a blade tip-up configuration for easiest access when needed
• Barrel-shaped screw secures the pocket clip and doubles as a lanyard holder, if desired
• Back Lock style positive locking mechanism employs a rocker arm to engage a notch in the tang of the blade to lock it open; depress the recessed rear end of the rocker in the spine of the knife to unlock the blade; mechanism is recessed to prevent accidental unlocking
•. Made in Colorado, USA
• Closed length is 4"

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