Cowl Ventilators

Cowl Ventilators

Oval PVC & Stainless Steel Cowl Vents

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These cowl ventilators are made of flexible PVC or 316 stainless steel. Ring nuts and mating deck flanges are made of hard plastic, or stainless steel.
• The cowls can rotate and are removable
• Models -2 and -316 are supplied with a ring nut which can be loosened easily by hand; no tools are required
• Models -S are supplied with a mating deck flange which bolts to the deck
• Dorade Box (sold separately) mates with the cowl vent ring nut, catches and drains water that enters the cowl, and can be fully sealed by means of a built-in stainless steel mushroom ventilator
• All have red interiors except the part numbers with W at the end, which have white interiors
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