G⁄flex Epoxy Kits

G/flex Epoxy Kits

Structural Bonds Which Can Withstand Moderate Flexing

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A toughened, versatile, liquid epoxy for permanent waterproof bonding of fiberglass, ceramics, metals, plastics, damp, and difficult-to-bond woods.

With a modulus of elasticity of 150,000 PSI, it's a bit more flexible than standard epoxies and polyester, but much stiffer than adhesive sealants. This gives G/flex the ability to make structural bonds that can absorb the stress of expansion and contraction, shock and vibration.

Mixed at a 1:1 ratio, G/flex gives you 45 minutes of working time at room temperature. It reaches an initial cure in 7 to 10 hours and full cure in 24 hours.

• Ideal for bonding a wide range of dissimilar materials
• Glue resinous and exotic woods
• Repair aluminum, plastic and wooden boats, kayaks and canoes
• Can be modified with West System fillers and additives
• Use to wet-out fiberglass tapes and fabrics
• Kits contain gloves, mixing sticks, alcohol pads and instructions in addition to the specific items listed in the table
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