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M-1 Series Gasoline Fume Detector - Display Panel Only

Does Not Include Any Sensors • Purchase This Panel When Sensor Wires Longer Than 20 ft Are Required
By: Xintex

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Purchase this M-1 display and alarm panel and the appropriate sensor or sensor components, when your installation requires a sensor cable longer than the 20 ft cable which comes in the standard kit.

A complete M-1 system is a simple, yet highly effective, detector of engine compartment fumes. In addition to gasoline fumes, it will detect unburned hydrocarbons from faulty exhaust systems, as well as hydrogen vapors emitted when batteries are overcharged.
The M-1 system monitor has connectors for only one sensor. If your installation requires two sensors, please consider one of Xintex's M-2 dual sensor systems.

Unlike competitive products, the Xintex fume sensor is splash-proof - allowing for mounting it right in the bilge, where gasoline vapors collect. It has a proprietary coating which is resistant to incidental water splashes, but allows vapors to pass.

Although the MS-2 Sensor used in these systems can also detect propane & CNG vapors, the components of the M-series Detector Panel are geared toward gasoline. For the specialized fume detection requirements of propane & CNG heating and cooking systems, please refer to the Xintex S-Series Propane Detectors - see Related Products, below.

• Power On indicator lamp automatically increases in brightness during daylight and softens at night
• Factory set at 10 - 20% of lower explosive level to avoid nuisance alarms
• Sensor failure alarm
• Alarm horn mute function
• Made in USA

What's in the box...
This is an M-1 Series display/alarm only, with a 2" round bezel & mounting bracket.
Sensors with a variety of cable lengths, as well as sensor and cable components for creating customized systems, are sold separately. See Accessory Products, below.

Click here to see the Installation Manual for the M-1 System.

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