2291 Advanced Particulate Filter - P100

2291 Advanced Particulate Filter - P100

Easier Breathing, Super Efficient - For All Particulate Applications
By: 3M

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An improved version of the marine industry standard 2091 P100 filter.
These 2291 P100 filters are re-designed to make breathing easier, while having a longer service life.
In loading tests, these 2291 filters beat all other P100 filters, including 3M's other P100 filters, for ease of breathing.
They are especially suitable for physically strenuous work environments such as mining, shipbuilding, abatement, and more.

The P100 rating indicates an extraordinary 99.97% filtering efficiency.
NIOSH approved for environments containing oil and non-oil based particles, as well as dust and mists.

The 2291 particulate filter can attach directly to any 3M™ bayonet facepiece when only particulate hazards are present.
In environments where both harmful vapors and particulates exist, the 2291 filter should be mounted on an appropriate 3M organic or chemical vapor cartridge using a 3M 502 adapter - as vapor cartridges alone do not protect against particulates.

• Offers maximum filtration efficiency
• Can be used in applications formerly requiring HEPA-rated respiratory protection
• Suitable for all marine applications such as grinding, sanding, sawing, welding, brazing, torch cutting, soldering, sweeping, and asbestos abatement.
• As required, use with appropriate gas or vapor cartridge
• Enhanced durability with abrasion resistant netting construction
• Advanced 3 layer design, instead of the traditional 5 layers, but still with P100 rated particle capture - makes breathing much easier
• Advanced Electret Media with electrostatically charged microfibers captures particles, but lets air through
• Flame resistant, flexible filter material resists wetting
• Priced by the pair

Heavy on the technical side...
• Suitable for exposure to lead, asbestos, cadmium, arsenic, 4,4' methylenedianiline (MDA), and pharmaceutical particulates
•Do not use for sandblasting, oxygen deficient atmospheres, or high aerosol concentrations that exceed: a) 10 times the permissible exposure limit (PEL) with a half facepiece, b) 10 times the PEL with a full facepiece qualitatively fit tested, c) 50 times the PEL with a full facepiece quantitatively fit tested, or d) applicable government regulations, whichever is lower

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