Hookit 4-1/2" Purple Clean Sanding Sheet Roll - 334U, 734U, 745I & 740I

Hookit 4-1/2" Purple Clean Sanding Sheet Roll - 334U, 734U, 745I & 740I

800 - 36 Grit • Improved Performance With or Without a Vacuum
By: 3M

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This Clean Sanding capable file sheet roll is used for filler shaping and metal sanding applications.
You can use this product for both dust-free and non-dust-free sanding, as the hole pattern improves performance in either application.
When using a dust extraction system, sheet alignment is not necessary to achieve direct air flow from the panel through the abrasive sheet.

The sheet roll is perforated at regular intervals to easily snap the desired sheet size for hand and file applications.
The unique kiss-cut underscore technology enables purple abrasive sheet rolls to be easily converted into multiple sheet-length configurations.

• 3M's fastest cutting, longest lasting abrasive for saving labor costs and improving quality
• Cuts fast, lasts long, resists loading and leaves a consistent finish
• Innovative clean sanding chevron design hole pattern for optimal particulate removal from the face of the sheet
• Superior performance with or without dust extraction
• See Related Products, below, for accessories designed for this paper

Coarser grits (180 and lower) combine aluminum oxide with ultra-durable Cubitron ceramic abrasive for superior material removal.
They also feature an open coat grain pattern to resist loading — especially important with softer substrates, like fresh body filler..
The very coarsest grits add a heavy-duty E-weight paper backing for increased durability and long sheet life.

Heavy on the technical side...

All these sheets have a stearate coating to prevent loading and provide a consistent finish.
In 740I the coating is clear, in the others, it is white - making the papers appear light purple.

740I — dark purple sheets are coarser grits, with a non-loading open coat abrasive pattern on a heavy E-weight paper backing; they are the product of choice by professional fairing crews throughout the yacht building industry
745I — light purple sheets come only in 80 grit, they have an evenly distributed closed coat abrasive pattern on a heavy E-weight paper backing
734U — light purple (moderately coarse grits) sheets are constructed of a unique blend of aluminum oxides and an incredibly durable man-made ceramic mineral, Cubitron, on a C-weight paper backing
334U — light purple sheets (finer grits) are constructed of a carefully graded, high performance aluminum oxide mineral on a C-weight paper backing

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