500 Series Safety Walk - Abrasive Coated, Slip-Resistant, Conformable Tape

500 Series Safety Walk - Abrasive Coated, Slip-Resistant, Conformable Tape

Flexible Aluminum Foil Backing • Conforms to Irregular Surfaces • Bends Around Corners
By: 3M

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Somewhat of a specialty product, 500 Series Safety Walk consists of abrasive mineral particles bonded by a tough durable polymer to flexible aluminum foil.
The back side is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive covered by a removable protective liner.

500 Series is designed to conform to irregular surfaces such as tight corners, diamond plating, or flat surfaces with rivets or screw heads, etc.
Series 500 is so pliable and conformable that you can actually bend it, and have it take a crease in a corner.
(In similar applications, the similar 600 Series will bridge over gaps and tight corners - resulting in a less secure attachment.)

Use 500 Series Safety-Walk on steps, ladder rungs, heavy equipment, and vehicles.
Available in custom sizes and with custom adhesives.

• Special aluminum backing conforms to tight corners and adheres to irregular surfaces
• Heavy-duty
• High-friction
• Slip-resistant
• 510 = black; 530 = Yellow

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