6001i - Organic Vapor Cartridge - with End of Service Life Indicator

6001i - Organic Vapor Cartridge - with End of Service Life Indicator

Helps Take the Guesswork Out of Knowing When to Replace Your Cartridge • A Must for Every Commercial Enterprise
By: 3M

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Available only from 3M, this cartridge has the potential to be a real game changer for your business.
In the past, determining when to change out your organic vapor cartridge has always posed a dilemma — balancing worker safety against the extra cost of repeatedly replacing cartridges on a schedule, when they still might not be "used up". Or running the risk of an individual worker's cartridge needing changing before the regularly scheduled change-out.

Now, 3M offers the 6001i organic vapor cartridge with a built in End-of-Service-Life-Indicator (ESLI) to help users determine when to change their cartridges in appropriate environments.
A simple workplace air sampling test is required, see below.^

The indicator itself, is a clear window in the side of the cartridge which allows you to observe a colored indicator bar inside. When the bar lengthens to extend across the window, it's time to replace the cartridge. It's that simple. The window is protected from overspray and debris by a peel-back label on the side of the cartridge.

In appropriate environments the Service Life Indicator can —
• Provide peace of mind and confidence in worker protection as a complement to your current change-out schedule. In some cases, it can replace your current practices, see below
• Make workers more safety conscience and increase compliance with your company's respiratory policy and industry requirements
• Optimize cartridge use — indicates service life based on each individual's exposure and respiratory use patterns, not the average exposure for an entire crew
• Like the 6001 cartridges you are used to, 6001i cartridges contain activated carbon and filter for protection from certain organic vapors; they do not protect from particulates
• Cartridges are priced by the pair

Use with any current 3M respirator:
The 6001i cartridge can be used with all current 3M half- and full-facepiece respirators equipped with bayonet fittings — these are the 6000, 6500, 7000 and FF-400 Series facepieces.
The cartridges attach directly to the bayonet fitting on the respirator.
The swept-back design keeps your field of view clear, and improves balance and weight distribution.
6001i cartridges are NIOSH approved as organic vapor cartridges against certain organic gases and vapors, and have all the features found in standard 3M™ organic vapor cartridges.

Note — as with all chemical and vapor cartridges, these 6001i cartridges are not designed to filter dust and particulates.
They require the addition of a pre-filter for particulate protection.
See Related Products, below.

^ Is the 6001i the right choice for your workplace?
3M's 6001i Service Life Indicator may be used in two ways:
1)   It can complement your current cartridge change schedule - where you would change your cartridge at the normally scheduled interval, or when the ESLI indicates - whichever comes first.
2)   In some cases, you can use the ESLI as a primary method to determine cartridge change, replacing your current change schedule method.

Depending on the types and concentrations of hazardous compounds in your workplace, using the ESL Indicator on the 6001i cartridge as your primary method to determine cartridge change - and replacing your current change schedule - may not be appropriate.

While the actual 6000i Series cartridge is the same as the 6001 cartridge you've always used, depending on the type and concentration of chemicals in your workplace, the integral End-of-Service-Life Indicator on the 6000i cartridges may not work reliably in all situations.
In some cases, although the cartridge itself is working to protect you, dangerous levels of vapors may not register on the End-Of-Life Indicator...misleading you into using the cartidge beyond the end of its service life.

To find out if ESLI cartridges are appropriate for your workplace, you must first determine if the concentrations of hazardous chemicals you use are high enough to trigger a reaction in the indicator strip... or if the vapor concentrations are so high that using any cartridge is inappropriate - and supplied air must be used.
To repeat: Hazardous vapors may exist at levels which are dangerous to worker health, but still not high enough to activate the indicator.
The concentration needed to trigger the indicator is called the Minimum Indication Level. This has been determined for a number of common chemicals (as of 1/8/16).

The procedure for determining whether the 6001i cartridge is appropriate for your workplace is much simpler than it sounds:
First, you need to determine the names of the hazardous chemicals in your work environment, and second, you need to determine their concentration under actual working conditions.

You may already know the names of the hazardous components of the products you are using, or you can get them from the MSD Sheets for the paints and chemicals you use.
Determining the chemical vapor concentrations in the work environment can be readiily determined using the 3M 3510 Organic Vapor Monitor Badge available from Fisheries Supply.

Then you can:
• Visit the 3M Service Life Software webpage to access a simple, fill-in-the-blanks, software wizard.
• Or you can call the 3M Technical Service Helpline for specific information at 1-800-243-4630. The people you will speak with are very helpful.

Your Workers' Compensation insurance carrier has a vested interest in the health of your workers, and you may find that they are willing to help out with the air sampling required for confident use of the 6000i Series indicator cartridges.

• Like all 3M vapor cartridges, the 6001i cartridges are not for use in IDLH environments (immediately dangerous to life or health).
• For maximum effectiveness, they should be used with full facepiece respirators which have been quantitatively fit-tested.
• It is important to change your gas and vapor cartridges at the right time; using the cartridge past this time can lead to breakthrough of the hazard into the facepiece.
• Service life is the term used to describe how long a set of cartridges can be used before they need to be changed.
• Read and understand the User Instructions for specific limitations and occupational regulations before using.

Chemical and Vapor Cartridge Best Use and Replacement Practices —
The service life of a chemical or vapor cartridge is dependent on so many variables that, unfortunately, there is no simple answer for when to replace your cartridge.
If, however, through the procedures outlined above you have established that the 6001i cartridge with the end-of-service-life indicator is appropriate for your workplace, the answer is much easier. Just look at the indicator!
1) In the workplace, you should replace cartridges in accordance with established company, industry, or government change schedules
2) Cartridges should certainly be replaced if you detect odor, taste, or experience irritation from contaminants.
3) Cartridges that remain factory sealed should be replaced by the expiration date on the package.
4) Once opened, chemical and vapor cartridges can absorb chemicals from the air — even if they are not being used, or are only used intermittently.
Store opened cartridges in an airtight container when not in actual use. Keep them clean, cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight
For a reference, write the date the cartridge package was opened on the cartridge itself
Prudence dictates that, once opened or used, cartridges should be replaced within a reasonable time period.
Factory sealed cartridges have a theoretical shelf life of five years from date of manufacture
5) The only definitive way to determine a replacement interval is to perform a quantitative air quality test under actual working conditions to determine the concentrations of the hazardous chemicals you use.
For organic vapors, this can be done using a 3M 3510 Organic Vapor Monitor Badge; or see Related Products, below.
This is a relatively simple procedure, and is well worth the moderate extra expense.
Once you have this hazardous vapor concentration information you can visit the 3M Service Life Software webpage to access a simple fill-in-the-blanks software wizard.
Or you can call the 3M Technical Service Helpline 1-800-243-4630 for specific advice. The people you will speak with are very helpful.
Note - either way, you will be asked to list the specific chemicals you use and their concentrations in your workplace.
Determine the names from the MSDS of the products you are using, and the concentrations using the 3M 3510 Organic Vapor Monitor Badge available at Fisheries.

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