987C Cubitron II Grinding Discs, 7/8" Hole
Diagram of 3M 987C Cubitron II Grinding Discs - Stainless Steel & Aluminum

987C Cubitron II Grinding Discs, 7/8" Hole

Use for stainless steel | Aluminum, nickel bronze & more | 7/8" Hole attachment
By: 3M

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Hands down, the fastest cutting, longest lasting grinding disc for stainless steel on the market.

987C is 3M's top-of-the-line grinding disc for stainless steel, aluminum, nickel bronze, and other softer metal applications.

Made using 3M's breakthrough Cubitron II grain abrasive, this disc cuts faster, and increases productivity compared to other leading ceramic discs.
Some shops have seen up to 5 times longer life.

Speeds jobs like edge chamfering, beveling, and removing stainless steel welds, mill scale, pits and imperfections, machining grooves, and more — all for a lower cost per grind.

Cubitron II Grinding Discs are made with unique 3M precision-shaped ceramic grain technology, engineered with ultra-sharp, fast-cutting points that wear evenly, run cool, and optimize mineral breakdown to maximize disc life.
The sharp-edged, pyramidal Cubitron II grains are electrostatically oriented so they point upward to form sharp peaks, acting like individual cutting tools that slice through metal, wear evenly, and provide super-long life and consistency at any grinding pressure.
Mineral breakdown is optimized because, instead of getting rounded as they wear, the ceramic peaks continuously fracture to form brand new, sharp, cutting edges — maximizing performance and disc life.
In contrast, conventional ceramic abrasive grain is irregular in shape. Instead of a clean slicing action, the grain "plows" through the metal, causing heat build up, slower cutting and shorter life. See illustration at left.

User Tip — Especially with coarser 36 grit, use an extra hard red ribbed backing plate to run cooler and prolong disc life; see Related Products, below.

• Precision-shaped abrasive grain
• New cutting edges continually exposed as it wears
• Lasts twice as long as competitive discs
• Fastest cut with less pressure and noticeably less fatigue
• Bonding resin formula is specifically optimzed for fast cutting of softer metals
• Tough, but flexible, fibre backing
• Cool running
• Use wet or dry
• Note that "+" grits indicate abrasive particles of the specified grade, and finer
• Offered in two tool attachment systems - 5/8-11 TN quick change, and a traditional 7/8" mounting hole
• Sold by the box

Economical alternatives include 985C (3M's original Cubitron disc) and 785C (blended mineral) grinding discs; see Related Products.

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