967A Cubitron II Premium Performance Flap Disc - Integral 5/8-11 Hub

967A Cubitron II Premium Performance Flap Disc - Integral 5/8-11 Hub

Type 29 • With Integral 5/8-11 Hub
By: 3M

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Cubitron II technology, the hands down performance leader in grinding discs, is finally available in flap discs.
Flap discs combine the cutting ability of a coarse disc with the blending capabilities of a finer disc in a single unit. This is because as the disc breaks in, the abrasive on the edge of the flaps wears off somewhat, leaving a softer edge with more of the cloth backing exposed.
This softer edge has an increased polishing effect. As a result, a 60 grit flap disc will grind like 60 grit, but leave a finish closer to that of a finer grit disc.

• Convex style Type 29 flap disc
• Premiun grade Cubitron II precision shaped, oriented grain, ceramic abrasive means these high performance discs provide the fastest cut and extended life available for hard metal surfaces
• Ideal for weld grinding and de-burring
• These discs come with a standard 5/8-11 hub built right into the disc - just spin it onto your grinder
Note — Flap discs typically provide a finish that is one grade finer than their actual rating

These 967A discs are the flagship product in 3M's flap disc offerings, and are a step up from the 500 or 700 series of 3M flap discs in terms of speed of cut and durability; see Related Products, below.

For those who insist, this disc is available without the convenient built-in hub by special order, although at almost the same price.

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