3M™ Cold Shrink Tubing

Cold Shrink Tubing

No Tools, No Heat • 6 AWG to 11/0 AWG • 0.3" to 2.67" Potential Shrink Range
By: 3M

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With 3M Cold Shrink Tubing you get a flexible, water-resistant seal without heat, torches or adhesives. To install, simply positon the tubing over the splice, and pull the tab to unwind the spiral wound core. It's that simple; no tools required.

The product consists of open-ended EPDM rubber sleeves which are factory expanded and assembled onto removable plastic cores. The core is removed after the tube has been positioned for installation over an inline connection or terminal lug, allowing the tube to shrink back to its normal size, forming a flexible, water-resistant seal.

• Ideal for insulating and protecting large diameter cable splices
• Can be used on tool handles and tool grips
• Meets water seal requirements of ANSI C119-1 and Western Underground Guide 2.14 for secondary splices rated up to 1KV
• Moderately UV resistant for outdoor applications; extend life under harsh UV conditions by wrapping with Super 33+ Vinyl Tape
• Suitable for direct buried applications
• The diameter of the object to be sealed must be within the diameter range shown in the table to ensure a good seal
• Priced and sold by the each
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