Cubitron II Cut-Off Wheels

Premium High Performance Abrasive for Mild and High Strength Steels
By: 3M

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Featuring the revolutionary Cubitron™ II ceramic mineral, these are 3M's top-of-the-line cut-off wheels.
The wheel's precision-shaped abrasive grains are engineered to cut faster than competitive ceramic products, thus offering significant productivity gains.
Cubitron II upward-oriented triangular shaped abrasive wears evenly, runs cooler, and optimizes mineral breakdown, for extra long life.
These rigid, reinforced resin-bonded wheels slice through almost all metals.

• Outstanding cutting performance on both mild steel and ultra high-strength steel
• Only use on power tools with a maximum operating speed no greater than 25,000 rpm
• Do not use on tools without a proper sized guard for the size of the cut-off wheel
• NOTE - This wheel must be used with an ANSI-approved flange for Type 1 cut-off wheels

Heavy on the technical side...

Cubitron II is a revolutionary 3M™ precision-shaped ceramic grain technology.
It is engineered with mineral crystals that are sharp-edged, fast-cutting, and shaped like pyramids which are electrostatically oriented so they point upwards - like sharp peaks. The peaks act like individual cutting tools - slicing through metal, wearing evenly, running cooler, and providing super-long life and cutting consistency.
Mineral breakdown is optimized because, instead of getting rounded as they wear, the pyramids continuously fracture to form brand new, sharp, cutting edges — maximizing performance and disc life.

By contrast, conventional ceramic abrasive grain is irregular in shape. Instead of a clean slicing action, the grain "plows" through the metal, causing heat build up, slower cutting and shorter life. See illustration at left.

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