3M™ Cuno RV and Marine Water Filters

Cuno RV and Marine Under Sink Water Filter for Push-In Tubing - Complete DIY Version

1.5 GPM • 2000 Gal. Capacity • Comes with Type A - 1 Micron Filter for Sediment, Taste & Odor
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The popular 3M™ Cuno RV and Marine Filtration Systems are designed to address concerns about water quality from small, non-municipal, and other public hookups.
They reduce contaminants such as chlorine, sediments,silt and rust - providing clear, odor-free, good-tasting water directly from the tap.

This US-A1 filter kit includes a US (Under Sink) filter head and a replaceable A1 filter cartridge.
It is available in two versions — a DIY Retail version (see Related Products, below) and a basic OEM version.
This kit is the complete DIY version which includes installation fittings (see below).

This Model A inline filter installs under your sink in the cold water line.
It produces filtered water at moderate flow rates of 1.5 gpm via your existing sink faucet.
It connects to your water system using 3/8" push-in modular plumbing fittings and tubing.

Filters with Model A filter cartridges provide filtration for taste and odor as well as particulates down to 1 micron, and are recommended for use with treated water sources such as municipal water systems.

Filters with Model B filter cartridges add filtration down to 0.2 microns - small enough to stop 99.99% of bacteria and paracytic cysts - and are recommended for applications in which water is stored in tanks, where bacterial growth can be an issue.

Filter changes are a breeze, as there is no separate filter element.
The entire disposable cartridge simply twists on or off; a built-in shutoff valve prevents water dripping and spillage.

All Cuno filter heads will accept A1, B1 or B2 cartridges - so you can change micron ratings and flow rates at any time; see Related Products, below
Model A filter cartridges have a carbon core which removes more than 95% of chlorine, bad tastes and odors
• Model A cartridges also have an outer layer which eliminates sediments, silt and rust down to 1 micron
Modeel B filter cartridges include the carbon core and add 0.2 micron particulate filtration to physically block and remove 99.99% of bacteria, molds and paracytic cysts, as well as ultra-fine particles and sediments
• Both Model A and B cartridges are impregnated with silver - a bacterial growth inhibitor
• An included by-pass plug allows for easy winterizing and line sanitizing
• Compact design; easy to install with no special tools required
• Performance independently certified by NSF International
• Maximum flow rate: 1.5 gpm; capacity: 2,000 gallons between recommended cartridge changes (depending on water quality)

What's in the box...
• This Complete Installation Kit includes - a US Filter Head with Mounting Bracket, an A1 Cartridge, a By-Pass Plug, and an Installation Manual.
It also includes fittings to plumb into most existing undersink water supply hoses.
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