EZ Sand Epoxy Flexible Parts Repair Kit
EZ Sand Epoxy Flexible Parts Repair Kit

EZ Sand Epoxy Flexible Parts Repair Kit

Automix 5896 • For Use On Flexible Substrates
By: 3M

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Although marketed for repairing materials that flex, in the marine industry this product happens to make an ideal "last minute" glazing putty.

Use EZ Sand Epoxy Parts Repair as a faster drying alternative to polyester glazing putties for fixing surface defects discovered during final inspection just prior to painting.
It has a low viscosity for a putty, so it easily fills pinholes and light scratches.
It dries very fast, sands like butter, and has excellent feather-edging properties - making it ideal for last minute touch-ups.

EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair is a very flexible two-part epoxy with putty-like properties.
Its extreme flexibility allows it to be used on inside and outside corners of structures that tend to flex — like cabin to deck joints.
It is capable of binding to many plastics, making it useful for repairing flexible plastic parts like automotive bumper covers and other plastic body panels.

Consistency is like tar; it flows, but does not completely self level.
It will run on vertical or overhead surfaces, unless applied in thin build coats.

This putty is not designed for direct exposure to the elements - it must be topcoated or painted.

• Short 5 - 8 minute work time (temperature dependent)
• Can be sanded after only 20 to 30 minutes
• Formulated for excellent featheredging
• Extremely flexible, and remains so
• Paintable, with excellent color holdout
• Excellent adhesion characteristics
• Minimal shrinkage
• This product should not be used for SMC repairs
• Use 3M's Polyolefin Adhesion Promoter 05907 when working with polypropylene and ethylene propylene substrates
• Like all epoxies, mixing ratios are critical; be sure to follow directions exactly
• This product is also available in a 200 ml twin tube, Duo-Pak format, MMM 5887

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