Foam Fast 74 Cylinder Spray Adhesive

Foam Fast 74 Cylinder Spray Adhesive

Fast Tack • Foam Bonding Adhesive
By: 3M

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Scotch-Weld™ Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive is an extremely fast tacking industrial grade spray adhesive for bonding foam and fabric.
Used for bonding flexible urethane or latex foam together and to other materials such as wood, metal and plastics.
Also used in furniture building, upholstery, marine, automotive, seat and chair manufacturing, acoustics and bedding
Features include high coverage, soft bond lines, and immediate bonds.
Not recommended for bonding vinyl.

Use of this Foam Fast 74 pre-pressurized cylinder will require a Delivery Hose, and a Scotch-Weld Standard Spray Adhesive Applicator Gun equipped with a 3M 6501 (3-8" fan) or a 3M 9501 (5-12" fan) Spray Tip; see Related Products, below.

• Easy to use; maintenance free
• Synthetic elastomer
• Fast tack, medium strength (but typically, most foams tear before the bond fails)
• Soft, non-dimpling glue line
• Non-misting, lace pattern provides precise spray control
• Dry time - 30 seconds
• Open time (bonding range) - 30 seconds to 15 minutes
• Not for consumer/retail sale or use
• Return empty cylinder to 3M in original shipping container
• Original Formula - not for sale in California
• Available in aerosol form; see Related Products, below
• Approx. 100 ft² of coverage @ 1 gm/ft² (dried weight) per lb of wet adhesive

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