Hookit Large Hole Clean Sanding Discs - 752I
Hookit Heavey Dust Removal Clean Sanding Discs - 745I & 740I

Hookit Large Hole Clean Sanding Discs - 752I

6" Discs • Extra Large Holes For Dust-Free Bottom Paint Removal
By: 3M

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These are Clean Sanding discs, but with extra-large dust removal holes for heavy-duty sanding - such as stripping bottom paint.
Featuring 3M's long-wearing Purple abrasives, these extra-large hole discs are "custom cut" for Fisheries Supply, and are available exclusively from us.

3M developed this large hole pattern specifically to enhance dust collection in heavy material removal applications where the smaller standard Clean Sanding holes tended to clog.

As with other dust extraction discs, the modified Clean Sanding hole pattern delivers longer disc life — even when a vacuum system isn't used!
When used with tool-mounted collection systems, the extra large holes allow even heavy dust loads to be effectively extracted.

• Ideal for the dustiest of sanding jobs
• 3M’s best performing class of abrasives - Purple discs are more durable and faster cutting than other discs
• Very heavy duty E weight paper backing
• Stearate coating to prevent loading and provide a consistent finish
• Resin bonded for heat resistance
• Hookit™ attachment system allows easy re-use the discs, taking advantage of their full working life
• Works well with any Clean Sanding Backup Pad; see Related Products, below

In the (relatively speaking) finer 80 grit discs, you now have a choice of the original small hole Clean Sanding pattern, or this large hole version.
Heavy on the technical side...

3M's 752I (752 "eye") - purple abrasive discs are very coarse, with a non-loading, open-coat, abrasive pattern.
They feature 3M's Regalite™ abrasive blend of premium aluminum oxides, and 3M's long-wearing synthetic Cubitron™ ceramic mineral, on a heavy E-weight paper backing.
In addition to their open-coat abrasive pattern, 752I discs have a stearate coating to further reduce loading for better material removal. The stearate coating is clear, which allows the dark purple color of these discs to be seen.
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