5IN P1500 HOOKIT FILM DISC 260L (100)
Hookit Purple Film Backed Finishing Discs - 260L

Hookit Purple Film Backed Finishing Discs - 260L

3", 5" and 6" Discs | 2000 - 600 Grits
By: 3M

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These discs have received industry-wide recognition as the perfomance benchmark for topcoat finishing prior to final buffing and polishing.

Use them to remove dust nibs, orange peel, and other minor defects from paint finish coatings.
These discs are also used in fixing gelcoat defects, and for mold repairs.

3M Finishing Discs are noted for their especially exact abrasive particle grading.
This, coupled with their perfectly flat and smooth film backing, produces an incredibly consistent and predictable finish.

3M Finishing Discs also stand out for being used dry — yet they are capable of achieving finishes as fine as 2000 grit.
This allows them to be used in machine sanding, instead of wet hand sanding or having to use very aggressive compounds.

These traditionally white discs have recently been upgraded to a new purple color with much improved performance.
You will immediately notice this performance difference by the dramatically decreased loading in these new purple Hookit discs.

• Best quality in a fine grit disc for working on paint and coatings
• Strong, flat, film backing
• High performance, carefully graded, aluminum oxide abrasive
• Cuts fast, lasts long, resists loading
• Hookit™ backing for easy application and removal to take advantage of the full life of the disc
• Priced by the box

Heavy on the technical side...

Compared to similar products —
• Use these Finishing Discs for the ultimate in consistent scratch, fine finish sanding, on relatively small jobs.
On a big job, like a 40 foot boat hull, you will burn through a lot of these discs.
• For larger jobs, it might be advisable to wet sand with Trizact 1500 grit Clear Coat Discs, which will cut faster and last longer, but may need to be followed by a light pass with one of these 1500 grit film-backed Finishing discs. See Related Products, below.
• Regardless, we recommend a final pass with a Trizact 3000 Foam Polishing Disc to soften and blend the very fine scratches left after leveling with the 1500 grit sanding discs. See Related Products.

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