Hookit™ Trizact™ Clear Coat Sanding Disc
Hookit™ Trizact™ Clear Coat Sanding Disc

Trizact Hookit Clear Coat Sanding Disc P1500

3" and 6" Discs • 1500 Grit
By: 3M

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Trizact Clear Coat sanding discs are used to remove excessive texture - like orange peel or dust nibs - from painted surfaces.
This is the disc to use if your new paint job doesn't meet your standards and you want to sand and buff the entire surface.

These are cutting, surface leveling discs.
Even with their fine grit, they remove significant material, leaving an extremely uniform scratch profile.
Follow these P1500 Clear Coat Sanding Discs with Trizact P3000 Foam Blending Discs to blend and further refine the sanding scratches left by the 1500 grit leveling process.

Trizact Clear Coat discs are a great alternative to using traditional fine grit discs or WetorDry sandpaper prior to buffing because they get the job done faster, and you'll use many fewer discs.
On a newly painted boat or car with a lot of orange peel texture to remove, this disc is a gift.

For precision repairing of more significant paint defects - such as sags or runs, or matching a factory finish during repair jobs - you don't want to use this disc.
You will need to start with hand sanding...see our entry for Trizact Foam Blending Discs for help with this issue.

• Aggressive and durable - this is not your grandmother's 1500 grit sanding disc
• Lasts many times longer than a traditional 1500 grit aluminum oxide disc, and cuts like crazy
• Meant to be used wet, so it doesn't load like a 1500 grit dry disc will
• Wet the disc and the entire panel to be sanded
• Works best with a firm Hookit back-up pad, such as the MMM 5756 yellow low profile pad, or MMM 20356 red Clean Sanding pad; see Related Products, below
• Priced by the box

Heavy on the technical side…
Computer designed, 3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives are unique among abrasives in being constructed of sharp, precisely shaped, micro-pyramid structures which hold embedded abrasive mineral particles.
These micro-pyramids are precisely and densely distributed, over the surface of the abrasive product, unlike the "sprinkled on" pattern of conventional abrasives.

As the points of these pyramid-like structures wear down, they expose fresh surfaces with new, sharp mineral — providing consistent performance.
This is in contrast to conventional abrasives, where the original "sharp" points simply wear down, leaving a dull, flat surface that produces uneven finishes.

The result of Trizact engineered construction and grain pattern is a product which:
• Is incredibly consistent in both structure and performance
• Has re-generating sharp edges — for products that last longer, run cooler, and cut faster - over the entire life of the product
• Has found an application niche in consistently producing very fine, finished surfaces

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