HP-156 High Capacity Petroleum Sorbent Pads - 1/4" Thick

HP-156 High Capacity Petroleum Sorbent Pads - 1/4" Thick

1/4" Thick • Absorbs Approximately 1-1/2 Quarts Oil Per Pad
By: 3M

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These High Capacity pads absorb approximately 25% more hydrocarbons than 3M's standard pads — even after taking their difference in thickness into account.

These 3M™ polyproplyene sorbents help contain and control potentially dangerous spills of petroleum-based fluids — oil, diesel fuel, and gasoline — but they will not absorb water.
They go to work immediately so there is less exposure to you and others, and less risk to the environment.

These conveniently sized pads allow the user to quickly spread sorbent over spilled oil or in the path of a spreading spill.
They can absorb almost twice as much oil than similar competing pads or clay granules, and cost much less and require much less labor than using clay granules.

• High Capacity petroleum sorbents have a scrim on one side to increase strength and help eliminate linting
• Use them for routine use, cleaning up small spills, and wiping contaminated areas
• Pads are also used on work surfaces in anticipation of a potential spill, or as a wipe
• Pads can be reused; 90% of the adsorbed oil can be wrung out and reclaimed
• Sorbants can be incinerated with very low (0.2%) ash production
• Theoretical oil absorbance capacity is determined by ASTM F 726-81 test protocol

Heavy on the technical side...
3M™ Petroleum Sorbents are used for control of spills of hydrocarbons on water or land.
They repel water and float (as long as surfactants are not present).
They are typically used on water to contain and adsorb hydrocarbons that are on the surface, or in an emulsion in the water.

Typical Liquids Adsorbed - Petroleum Sorbents are suitable for adsorbing hydrocarbons, as well as non-polar organic solvents, eg., oil, paraffin, diesel, benzene, alcohols, toluene, trichloroethane, esters and ethers.
(Adsorb = Adhere + Absorb)

Petroleum Sorbents are made from inert synthetic fibers, principally polypropylene and polyester.
They are available in a wide range of formats and are lightweight and nominally dust-free.
They have a high absorption capacity which minimizes the amount of waste for disposal purposes.

3M Sorbent sheets and rolls are white.
Booms and pillows are red/orange.

• Pads - Are a highly adaptable format. They can be used on water to pick up oil covering large surface areas, as well as in land-based wiping applications.
• Booms - May be connected together to form barriers. These are anchored at each end and positioned across still or moving water to contain, channel and adsorb oil spills. Suitable for use on rivers and in harbors.
• Minibooms - Generally used for on-land applications to contain and adsorb spills.
• Pillows - Bulk absorption of oil on land or water. Particularly useful in drains to act as interceptors.
• Rolls - For fast coverage of large surface areas of water, they can be easily torn to length. Also used as a mat to keep shorelines or banks clean, and as a sheet to place used sorbents upon.
• Folded - Combines four formats in one product. It is perforated every 16 inches and can be unfolded to be used as booms, pillows, sheets or rolls.
• HP Anti-Static Series - Specialized anti-static products for use in low temperature or low humidity environments to reduce the risk of sparking.
They have a charge dissipating polypropylene scrim and are packaged in charge dissipating film.
• Spill Kits and Response Packs - May contain different types of sorbents and temporary disposal bags. Compact for easy storage and quick response.
• Sweeps - Used to pull over still water to remove surface films. Incorporates a rope along one edge for extra strength.

Dispose of used sorbents only in accordance with local and national regulations.
Disposal companies can be consulted for their recommendations.

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