Imperial™ Compound & Finishing Material - for Gelcoat

Marine Compound & Finishing Material - for Gelcoat

Formerly Known as "Imperial" • The Product of Choice for Boat Builders and Professional Detailers
By: 3M

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3M's flagship product for gelcoat refinishing and mold work.
This combination compound and polish is designed to take dull, or repaired, gelcoat to full gloss with just a single product.
It combines a fast cutting compound with a fine finishing material. As you buff, the coarser compounding particles degrade as they remove oxidation, leaving the finer abrasives which polish the surface to a gloss finish.

Note - This product is less aggressive than the similar sounding Compound and Finishing Material (MMM 36044 and 36045).

• Saves time, money, and effort by combining compounding and polishing into a single step
• Leaves an excellent finish without swirl marks
• Use for final polishing of surfaces previously sanded with P800 sandpaper
• Contains no wax or silicone
• Buff with a wool pad on an air or electric buffer (1500-2500 rpm)
• A Fisheries Supply staff recommended product

For painted surfaces, we recommend 3M Perfect-It Rubbing Compound #06085.

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