3M™ Particulate Pre-Filter 5N11, N95

5N11 Particulate Filter N95

General Purpose • Not Rated for Oil-Based Particles
By: 3M

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This NIOSH approved N95 pre-filter offers reliable protection against non-oil based particles, as well as dusts and mists, with a 95% filtering efficiency.

The 5N11 particulate filter will work with any 3M organic or chemical vapor cartridge - as vapor cartridges, alone, do not protect against particulates.
Secure the pre-filter with a 3M™ 501 Retainer, which clips onto the cartridge; see Related Products, below.
With a 3M 603 adapter plus a 3M 501 Retainer, these pre-filters can also be used directly on any 3M bayonet facepiece when only dust/particulate protection is required.

• Applicable for spray painting and most marine applications except sandblasting, and asbestos abatement
• As required, use with appropriate gas or vapor cartridge
• Reduced linting ensures exacting paint results
• Low profile design stays out of the way
• Layered design prevents rapid clogging from paint aerosols
• Advanced Electret Media with electrostatically charged microfibers capture particles, but lets air through - for easier and cooler breathing
• Note - this filter has an "in" side and an "out" side.
When used, the writing on the filter faces the respirator
• Priced by box of 10

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