Perfect-It™ III Hookit™ Compounding Pad

05719 Perfect-It III Compounding Pad - 9"

Hookit • 100% Wool • Single-Sided Premium Pad
By: 3M

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A top-of-the-line, high performance single-sided 100% wool compounding pad.
For users who prefer a single-sided Hookit pad, this is 3M's recommended pad for gelcoat compounding and finishing.
It is our best selling single-sided pad.

This pad has a special rounded edge structure that allows for polishing using the edge of the pad, when necessary, without the risk of the canvas backing scratching the work surface.

• 100% wool pad with an easy on/off Hookit backing
• Loosely twisted yarn construction provides fast, aggressive cutting, while leaving a fine finish
• Embedded red "wear indicator" threads appear when it's time to replace the pad
• Refines 1200 and finer sanding scratches

Use this pad with a 3M™ #05717 Standard Hookit 9" Backup Pad — which can be used on all standard 5/8-11 slow speed polishers (no adapter required). See Related Products, below.

For proven, outstanding results, we suggest you use this compounding pad with 3M Imperial Compound & Finishing Material. See below.

On most gelcoat surfaces the 05719 should be the only pad you need to attain a full gloss finish.
On darker gelcoat colors, where it's easier to see any remaining swirl marks, you may deicide to continue with a polish.
For polishing, this 05719 pad is too coarse, and we recommend using 3M's softer 05713 single-sided Hookit Polishing Pad intsead.

Heavy on the technical side...
• If you typically use a double-sided pad, you probably already have a 3M #05710 Superbuff extension adapter on your tool to prevent the back side of the double pad from skinning your knuckles.
Should you wish to temporarily switch to a pad which happens to be single-sided, like this 05719, and don't want the inconvenience of having to remove and replace the extension adapter every time, you should consider using the lower profile #05718 backup pad.
The short hub on the #05718 backup pad will keep the buffing pad closer to the tool body for better leverage and control than the tall hub on the #0517 Standard Backup Pad.

• If you don't have a hook and loop backup pad on your polisher, this pad has a 7/8" center hole for securing to a simple rubber backup plate using a retainer nut, such as the ones in Related Products, below.

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