PPS Adapters

PPS Cup Adapters for Other Manufacturer's Spray Guns

Convert Your Current Spray Gun to Convenient PPS Disposable Cups
By: 3M

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Checking Your Price
These adapters will allow you to use inexpensive 3M™ PPS disposable paint cups with your current spray gun.
Adapters are available to convert all major brands of spray guns.

Please contact us with the make and model of your spray gun, and we will set you up with the correct adapter.
Use the convenient Feedback tab on our website to email us, or call us at 800-426-6930, and ask for 3M Customer Service.

Advantages of using the 3M PPS Paint Preparation System:
• Incredibly convenient — just let the paint kick off in the cup, and throw the lid and liner away.
• Eliminates the monetary, health, and environmental costs of cleaning your traditional hard pot — saves on labor, solvent, and hazmat disposal costs
• Traditional hard pot cups are vented, and must be used upright.
PPS cups (both Standard and Pressure) are sealed, and will allow you to use your gun at extreme angles - even inverted - to access the bottom of boat hulls, or other low surfaces

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