Premium Tapered Cartridge Rolls - 747D

Premium Tapered Cartridge Rolls - 747D

Ideal For Getting Into Small, Hard to Reach Spaces
By: 3M

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These Cubitron blend cartridge rolls are ideal for grinding in small, hard to reach spaces — like inside corner welds.
As they wear, the wrapped layers of the cartridge roll continuously expose fresh abrasive layers for continued cutting action.

This premium 747D series has a Cubitron and aluminum oxide blended abrasive for superior, consistent cutting with higher durability and longer life.
The 747D cartridge rolls perform dramatically better than the 341D economy rolls, which are also available.

These cartridge rolls are available in regular cylindrical and tapered construction.
The tapered rolls are ideal for working in tight corners, or for flaring pipes.
• Rigid, heavy X-weight cloth backing
• Contains grinding aid for cooler cutting on heat sensitive alloys
• Using these rolls requires mounting them on a 3M #45119 mandrel to attach to your tool; see Related Products, below

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