3M™ Quick Fix Adhesive-Cyanoacrylate

Quick Fix Adhesive - Cyanoacrylate

Low Viscosity "Super Glue"
By: 3M

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3M Quick Fix Adhesive is a "super glue" type adhesive providing quick, strong bonds with a variety of substrates.

It has excellent adhesion to most rubber (including weather-stripping and EPDM), vinyl, metals (apinted or bare), glass, and plastics
It also has excellent resistance to temperature extremes, shock, and most marine chemicals and fluids.

• General purpose use on a wide range of substrates
• Fast rate of strength buildup - does not need support for long during curing
• Resists soaps and cleaning agents once cured

Remember -
• Start with clean surfaces
• Use as little as possible - only a small amount of adhesive (use small drops; apply 1 drop per square inch)
• Apply only to close fitting parts - this type of cyanoacrylate is not a gap filler
• Cure starts in 5 - 60 seconds; handling strength is usally quickly achieved; apply tight pressure for the first 15 to 30 seconds
• Use it up, or buy a small container - cyanoacrylates typically only have a remaining shelf life of about 30 days after you open the container

Heavy on the technical side...
Directions for use:
Only small drops are needed.
Apply only to close fitting parts - not a gap filler.
Attempting to fill large voids with this adhesive will result in a brittle, weaker bond than is obtained when the product is used correctly.

Surfaces must be clean and dry.
Use 3M™ General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner (MMM 08984) to remove grease, oil, dust and mold release.
Apply one drop per one square inch.
Mate the second surface to first; rub the two surfaces together to spread the adhesive.
Cure will start within 5 - 60 seconds.
Handling strength is usually obtained within 1-5 minutes
Highest strength within 12 - 24 hours.
Clean up any undesired overflow or squeeze-out quickly, before it sets up.

Store at room temperature.
Unopened shelf life is 12 months.

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