3M™ Regalite™ Polycut™ Roloc™ Discs - 777F
Dimensions of 3M 777F Roloc Grinding Discs - TR Attachment
3M™ Regalite™ Polycut™ Roloc™ Discs - 777F

777F Roloc Grinding Discs - TR Attachment

Standard Roloc TR Threaded Plastic Button Attachment System
By: 3M

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These discs combine the versatility of the Roloc attachment system with the premium performance of Regalite, this is 3M's trademark for their 700 Series abrasives - a blend of sharp cutting aluminum oxide and the especially durable Cubitron synthetic mineral abrasive.
Cubitron particles are somewhat less sharp than aluminum oxide, but they are harder and wear down more slowly. The blend results in a disc that provides faster cutting, more consistent scratch, and extended life compared to a traditional premium aluminum oxide disc. It is especially suitable for high heat applications such as working on tough metal substrates - like stainless steel or cold rolled steel.
• Excellent on stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass
• Also used on nickel alloys, titanium, and some carbon steel applications
• Grinding aid for less loading and cooler running
• Resin bonded for additional heat resistance
• Sold by the each
Use these discs with a Roloc Disc Pad to support the disc; see Related Products, below.
With a disc pad assembly, this is a handy, quick change, grinding disc, which fits any standard 1/4" drill or air tool.

For a step up in performance and disc life, consider one of 3M's Cubitron Roloc Grinding Discs.
For a more economical alternative, at the expense of lower performance, you might consider the 361F Roloc Grinding Disc.

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