Scotch Fine Line Tape - 265

265 In-Mold Scotch Fine Line Tape

In-Mold Fine Line for Semi-Permanent Release Waxes
By: 3M

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At last, an in-mold, fine line masking tape for hard-to-stick-to surfaces.
With a specially formulated adhesive for sticking to waxed molds, this unique tape provides the same sharp separation in gelcoat colors, that are characteristic of the original 218 Fine Line Tape used in painting hulls.

Note — This tape is formulated specifically for OEM production boat building, and is NOT meant to be used with paint coatings.
Its silicone-rubber adhesive has excellent adhesion to semi-permanent, high-slip mold releases, compared to conventional rubber-resin adhesives.
The polypropylene backing is conformable, yet strong enough to pull sharply, evenly, and consistently though gel coatings.

• Not for use with paints (contains silicone - which can contaminate surfaces and cause paint adhesion failure)
• Note the red core; do not confuse this tape with the original white core 218 fine line tape - this is a very different product
• Adheres to a variety of hard-to-stick-to surfaces
• Produces sharp, clean, gel-coat color separation lines
• High-performance tape with a strong film backing that minimizes stretch during roll unwind
• Priced by the roll

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