Scotch-Weld™ Duo-Pak Adhesives
Scotch-Weld™ Duo-Pak Adhesives

Universal Epoxy Adhesive Duo-Pak - Clear, 50 ml

Twelve versions | 2-Part adhesives | In Pre-measured cartridges
By: 3M

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3M™ is the industry leader in small-volume Duo-Pak adhesives, offering a huge number of choices from general purpose to extremely specialized.
Here, we offer a representative selection to illustrate the wide range of strengths, flexibilities, work times, handling times, viscosities, working temperatures, substrate types, and other properties which are available.

If you don't find an adhesive in our selection to suit your requirements, please inquire at 1-800-426-6930, as many more formulations are available. Ask for 3M Customer Service.

Duo-Pak Epoxy (100, 200, & 400 series), Urethane (600 series), and Acrylic (800 series) structural adhesives offer an alternative to mechanical fasteners and welds in metals, plastics, and wood.
They allow for greater design latitude, cleaner lines, material substitutions, less machining, lighter weight, and increased durability — often at a lower cost.
As a rule of thumb, 3M™ Structural Strength Adhesives bond the load-bearing parts of a product with a minimum of 1,000 psi overlap shear strength.

Duo-Pak adhesives are available in formulations for bonding steel, copper, aluminum, low surface energy (difficult to adhere) plastics, rubber, ceramics, composites, glass, wood, masonry, and more.
They can be used to assemble plastic structures, bicycle frames and automotive components, bond golf club heads to shafts, bond and seal radiator coils, assemble furniture and appliances, bond steel to concrete, etc., etc.

Duo-Pak cartridges are designed for use with specific applicator guns.
The majority use the 3M EPX™ Plus II Applicator gun; see the Specification Table, as well as Related Products, below.

The following are examples of the range of Duo-Pak adhesives available.
Please open the Specification Table to see a complete listing of all the Duo-Paks we sell, as well as the applicator gun to use with each.

• Times provided are worklife or "gel" times; refer to the Spec Table for more details
• DP-100 - general purpose, fast setting (5 min) rigid bonds; epoxy
• DP-110 - general purpose, fast setting (8 min) flexible bonds; epoxy
• DP-190 - moderately high strength, slow setting (80 min) very flexible bonds; epoxy
• DP-420NS - very high strength, non-sag, moderate setting (20 min) good high & low temperature strength, toughened epoxy
• DP-460 - very high strength, slow setting (60 min) good low temperature strength, high impact resistant, toughened epoxy
• DP-600 - for concrete repair, self-leveling, horizontal crack and spall repair, fast set (1 min), fast cure (1 hr); urethane
• DP-600NS - for concrete repair, non-sagging, vertical repairs, setting anchors, fast set (1 min), fast cure (1 hr); urethane
• DP-601 - moderately high strength, self-leveling, very rapid setting (1 min) flexible bonds; urethane
• DP-620NS - moderately high strength, non-sag, moderate setting (20 min) flexible bonds; urethane
• DP-810 - moderately high strength, fast setting (10 min) high impact resistant, durable bonds; acrylic
• DP-8005 - moderately high strength, structural adhesive for hard-to-bond plastics, fast setting (3 min) acrylic
• DP-8010 - structural adhesive for hard-to-bond plastics, fast setting (10 min) acrylic adhesive

Note: most urethanes and some acrylics only have a 6-month shelf life, and all acrylic adhesives should be refrigerated.
You must purchase the appropriate disposable mixing nozzles separately.

In the Specification Table:
• Viscosity is measured in (cP) centipoise (after Jean Poiseuille) [water = 1.0 cP, honey = 1500 cP, molasses = 8600 cP, ketchup = 60,000 cP, warm peanut butter = 150 - 200,000 cP (non-sag)]
• T-Peel Strength is measured in (piw) pounds per inch of width
• Overlap Shear is measured in (psi) pounds per square inch
Note: The technical information and data herein should be considered representative or typical only, and should not be used for specification purposes

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