237AA Trizact Cloth Sanding Belts

237AA Trizact Cloth Sanding Belts

2-1/2" x 72" • Aluminum Oxide Mineral
By: 3M

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With their finer grits, these Trizact belts make ideal finishing belts.
The 237AA Series is a great choice for stainless steel finishes.

Trizact is an engineered abrasive structure which is uniformly distributed over the surface of the belt.
This faithfully replicated design results in long life, and incredibly consistent results for the entire life of the belt.
With the abrasive imbedded in the structure, Trizact continues cutting and doesn't wear out like other belts, so you don't start with a too aggressive scratch, and end up with a not enough.
With Trizact, the scratch pattern is consistent from start to finish.

Trizact construction also eliminates variation in perfomance from belt to belt.

The unique construction of Trizact abrasives requires a different grading system (see Table) — which is defined by the average particle size measured in microns.
These Trizact grades begin with the letter "A".
Where there is an equivalent, we have supplied the more familiar "P" grading equivalent.

• 237AA belts feature a semi-flexible cloth backing
• Aluminum oxide mineral
• Consistent, predictable finishes
• Not just faster, but more consistent cutting rates
• Cooler grinding and finishing temperatures
• Reduced processing steps

How to Measure a Sanding Belt
Abrasive belts are always sized Width x Length (circumference).

To measure the Width of the belt:
1) Lay the belt on a flat surface and measure the width.

To measure the Length of the belt:
1) Make a small mark on the inside of the belt with a pen or marker
2) Make a corresponding mark on a large flat surface, benchtop or floor
3) Slowly roll the belt through a full rotation until the mark on the inside of the belt is once again touching the flat surface
4) Make a mark on the flat surface where it touches
5) Measuring between the 2 marks will give you the length of the belt

Heavy on the technical side…
Computer designed, 3M™ Trizact™ Abrasives are unique among abrasives in being constructed of sharp, precisely shaped, micro-pyramid structures which hold multiple layers of abrasive mineral particles.
These micro-pyramids are precisely and densely distributed, over the surface of the abrasive product, unlike the "sprinkled on" pattern of conventional abrasives.

As the points of these pyramid-like structures wear down, they expose fresh surfaces with new, sharp mineral — providing consistent performance.
This is in contrast to conventional abrasives, where the original "sharp" points simply wear down, leaving a dull, flat surface that produces uneven finishes.

The result of Trizact engineered construction and grain pattern is a product which:
• Is incredibly consistent in both structure and performance
• Has re-generating sharp edges — for products that last longer, run cooler, and cut faster - over the entire life of the product
• Has found an application niche in consistently producing very fine, finished surfaces

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