Versaflo S-757 Premium Painter
Versaflo S757 Premium Painter's Hood Assembly

Versaflo S-757 Premium Painter's Hood Assembly

For Supplied Air Systems • With Inner Shroud & Premium Head Suspension
By: 3M

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Many wearers of half and full facepiece respirators are taking a second look at powered and supplied air respirators for reasons that go beyond compliance.

The S-757 is one of 3M's Premium Series of reuseable supplied air suspension hoods.
It has a large visor, an internal helmet-like suspension, and a connection for a supplied air tube from a portable PAPR air supply, or a shop air source.

The S-757 Hood provides head, neck, and shoulder protection, and has a double shroud design for respiratory protection.
Maintaining a positive air pressure inside the hood, there is no need for a tight, uncomfortable face seal.
The S-757 is worn by tucking the inner shroud up into a shirt or protective coverall, allowing excess air to be channeled over the body.

The fabric used in the S-757 model is specifically engineered to help capture paint overspray, minimizing the potential for paint to flake off the wearer and onto the work piece.
The fabric has an internal film barrier to help prevent paint contact with skin or clothes.
When soiled, the hood fabric is simply replaced (#37300; see Related Products, below.)
This is a very cost-effective choice over an Economy Series Hood, where the entire hood must be replaced when soiled or damaged.

The S-757 replaces 3M's now discontinued H-421 Hood Assembly with inner shroud and hard cap suspension.

All-Day Comfort - Fully adjustable suspension and soft comfort pads provide excellent fit, stability, and visual tracking.
Wide faceseals with soft elastic improve comfort and reduce air flow noise.
Externally adjustable valves allow wearers to modify the airflow distribution inside the hood to suit personal comfort needs.

Versatility - Can be used in dozens of different Powered Air Purifying Respirator and Supplied Air Respirator combinations.

Excellent Airflow - Directs a comfortable stream of air into the headgear.
The moving airflow may make hot environments more tolerable while reducing visor fogging.
When used with an approved 3M™ Vortex Supplied Air Regulator, the compressed air can be made cooler or warmer by up to 50°F (28°C) for additional comfort.

• Head, neck, and shoulder coverage
• Universal sized - computer modeled to comfortably fit the greatest variety of head shapes
• Excellent field of view with flatter visor for reduced reflections
• Suspension fits closer to your head for a sleeker, less bulky fit
• Rigid ducting provides consistent airflow pathway for improved comfort over older hoods
• Breathing tubes feature a one-handed quick release connection
• Premium reusable hood is a cost-effective choice over disposable Economy models

Heavy on the technical side...
High Performance-APF - 3M has conducted research to document an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 1000 for the S-Series Premium hoods when used as part of a NIOSH-approved powered or supplied air respirator system.
An APF of 1000 is the highest level allowed under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134) for this class of respirator.

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