Versaflo V-100 Vortex Cooling High Pressure Air Regulating Assembly

Air Conditioning for Your Headgear !!!
By: 3M

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Use this V-100 Vortex air regulator and cooler with faceshields, hoods, or helmets to supply cooled air within the supplied air headgear.
It can cool the air within the headgear by as much as 50°F — for a significant increase in worker comfort.
The V-100 Vortex is especially useful in hot or humid conditions, or where protective clothing is required.

The assembly includes the regulator, cooling tube with female threaded quick connect fitting, waist belt, and holder.
The breathing tube to the headgear threads into the V-100 outflow tube.

This belt-mounted, high pressure regulator requires a source of clean breathing air - such as plant air systems or bottled air, and a delivery air hose.

• Cooling tube rapidly spins incoming air and selectively ports the central cold air column to the headgear
• Continuous air flow range: 6 - 15 cfm
• Air cooling level is adjustable
• Use with approved breathing tube and headgear

Heavy on the technical side...
The V-100 Vortex...
The Vortex assembly can cool compressed air by as much as 50°F (28°C).
It does this by spinning the air within the Vortex unit at 500,000 rpm (not a typo).
The air at the center of the spinning vortex experiences an extremely low pressure, and gets very cold.
This cold air is extracted by the unit, and ported to the attached headgear.

The V-100 can operate on pressures ranging from 60 - 90 psig, depending on hose length.

Supplied Air Respirators - background...
Supplied air respirators offer many features over traditional respiratory protection, such as low maintenance and the cooling or heating of incoming air.
Fit testing is only required for tight-fitting facepieces.
Supplied air provides no additional breathing resistance to the wearer.

Complete supplied air systems include a supplied air hose, an air regulating valve, a breathing tube, and a helmet, hood, or other facepiece.
Potential benefits include:
• A cost-effective way to provide a high level of respiratory protection
• A variety of supplied air valves, some of which can cool or heat air by as much as 50°F (28°C)
• No filters, cartridges, or batteries to maintain

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