YR4N61W Slip-Resistant Protective Polyethylene Film Tape - for Non-Skid Decking

YR4N61W Slip-Resistant Protective Polyethylene Film Tape - for Non-Skid Decking

Adhesive Backed Vinyl • Non-Slip Surface • Protects Non-Skid Gelcoat Surfaces
By: 3M

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Slip Resistant Protective Polyethylene Film provides temporary protection from foot traffic on molded non-skid gelcoat surfaces on the decks of fiberglass boats, or on similar highly textured surfaces.
The small, raised "peaks" on molded non-skid provide only a small contact area, making it a "tough-to-stick" surface. As a result, this product has a fairly aggressive adhesive, and is not recommended for extended outdoor use, or any use on smooth surfaces - see below.

Unlike some other plastic protective films, this product has an eggshell-like, textured surface that provides non-slip footing even when wet.
Ideal for use in boat building and repair yards, as well as dealerships and boat shows where it protects from heavy foot traffic and helps avoid costly repairs and clean-ups from paint spills, etc.

• White vinyl material
• 4 mil thickness
• Fairly aggressive adhesive backing stays in place on non-skid deck surfaces
• For indoor or outdoor use
• UV resistant

NOTE — We do not recommend this YR4N61W Protective Film for smooth surfaces. With their high surface area compared to molded non-skid, this tape can damage the underlyling surface when removed, if left on too long.

For protecting smooth surfaces outdoors, we suggest using 3M's 24S56W Automotive Temporary Protective Tape (this is the "Transit Tape" you see on automobiles being transported by rail and over-the-road trucks) or 3M's Polyethylene Temporary Protection Tapes (#49454 or 49455).
If a paper-backed protection tape is acceptable, a good tape for smooth surfaces outdoors is 3M's 346 Marine Heavy Duty Protection Tape ("Texas Tape")

For protecting smooth surfaces indoors, we suggest using 3M's SCPM-44X Protective Tape. There is nothing better for this purpose.
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