Adler Barbour Power Booster Ventilation Duct Kit - for CU-200 SuperColdMachine

Power Booster Duct Kit for CU-200 SuperColdMachine

Brings in Cooling Air | Removes Warm Air

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Similar to a Ventilation Duct Kit, the C8071 Power Booster Ventilation Duct Kit also attaches to the SuperColdMachine condensing unit with 4 existing fan mount screws.
However, the Booster Duct Kit features a second fan (besides the fan on the condenser), an extra long 5 ft (152 cm) flex duct, and also two additional adapter flanges for installing the second fan.

Again, similar to a Ventilation Duct Kit, the Booster Kit can be used in 2 ways:
1. To bring air to the unit from a cooler location — bilge, berth area, cool ventilated locker, etc.
2. The condensing unit’s fan can be physically reversed and the duct kit can then be used to extract air from the unit and discharge it into another space. This is preferred if the condenser location has cool air available, but has no way to get rid of the warmer air after it has passed over the condensing coils.

With a longer duct and the ability to install two fans in a push-pull configuration, the Booster Kit allows you to move air a greater distance through the boat to pick up cool air, or to exhaust heated air.

The C8071 Power Booster Ventilation Duct Kit includes:
• (1) Booster duct fan
• (5) feet (152.4 cm) of 4" (10.16 cm) flexible duct
• (3) adapter flanges
• (1) trim grille

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