Aere Inflatable Fenders - Standard Duty with Hanging Strap - 0.9 mm Fabric
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Aere Inflatable Fenders - Standard Duty with Hanging Strap - 0.9 mm Fabric

9" & 10" Diameters • Much Stronger Than Traditional Fenders • Inflate or Deflate in Seconds

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Recommended for yachts as large as 500 feet in length, Aeré fenders finally allow large, as well as not-so-large boats to carry the size of fender that they actually need for adequate protection.
Without the size, weight, and storage constraints of yesterday's permanently inflated fenders, now you can properly size your fenders to your boat and not your storage locker.

Constructed of the same multi-layered, PVC coated fabrics used for inflatable dinghies, Aeré fenders are externally reinforced with additional bands of high strength fabric. Attachment points are heavily reinforced so they won't pull out.
Aeré fenders have burst strengths as much as 10 times higher than the traditional PVC fenders you're used to, and they come with an extraordinary 6-year pro-rated factory warranty program.

• Suitable for both power and sail boats
• Extremely rugged, heavily reinforced - use without fear of bursting or attachment point failure
• Very low pressure - inflate to only 1 psi; takes only minutes
• Easy to deflate and store in much less space
• Very light weight compared to comparable traditional fenders
• High quality Halkey-Roberts Valve - a twist-lock adapter for this valve is included with every fender
• Inflate using readily available foot or electric air pumps - typically sold for inflatable mattresses and kayaks; see Accessory Products, below

• 9" fenders have a reinforced loop-style hanging strap at one end, and the inflation valve at the other end
• 10" fenders have a D-ring at one end, and the inflation valve at the other end

Typical Aeré fender usage:
9 - 12 inch diameter fenders - 20 to 45 foot vessels
• 18 - 24 inch diameter fenders - 40 to 70 foot vessels
• 36 inch (3 ft) diameter fenders - 65 to 200 foot vessels
• 4 ft - 8 ft diameter fenders - 200 to 500 foot vessels

For a more detailed guide for selecting the right Aeré fender for your boat, click here.

Heavy on the technical side...

• Will my fender pop if my boat slams up against it really hard?
While it is possible to pop a fender, it is quite difficult. Aeré fenders have been through major storms and even several hurricanes without damage.
The normal operating pressure for an Aeré Inflatable Fender is only 1 psi internal pressure. They have been pressure tested to over 45 psi.
• How are the Aeré fenders constructed?
Aeré fenders are made from heavy, high denier, polyester fabric (used in inflatable boat construction), which is heavily PVC-coated both inside and outside. This is not the old-style PVC surface coating which could peel off over time. Aeré uses an SOL process in which the PVC is pressure-rolled into the actual structure of the fabric. It will not peel off.
The fender is then hand glued, and seams are reinforcement inside and outside. The seams are from three to four layers thick (depending on fender size) to assure seam integrity.
The attachment points are stainless steel D-rings on both ends, securely fastened with Kevlar® thread to a layered backing plate.
The fill valves are selected to assure tight seals and rapid inflation and deflation.
• How puncture and abrasion resistant are Aeré fenders?
Any fender, no matter what it’s made from, can be punctured or abraded. Aeré fenders absorb a tremendous amount of punishment before failure; as is reflected in their 6-year pro-rated product warranty.
Aeré fenders will withstand very high compression loads that will collapse a normal vinyl fender, leaving you with very little between your boat and damage.
Of course, normal care should be taken in fender placement - if you see a nail sticking out of the dock or piling, don’t put your fender there.
• What about UV protection?
Aeré inflatable fenders have built-in UV protection. They have been tested in Florida and the Caribbean without failure or color fading.
• Can Aeré fenders be repaired if punctured?
Aeré fenders can be easily and quickly repaired by non-professionals with readily obtainable PVC glue and patches. However, as part of their Product Warranty Program, Aere will repair your fender in their Florida location, or the fender may be sent to one of their certified service centers in their dealer network.
NOTE — Do not use the thin, watery plumber's PVC pipe glue. Patch the fender using a thick marine grade PVC glue such as the Weaver glue listed below.

Remember, you can never be too well protected, but it’s easy to be under-protected and end up with damage that could have been prevented with fenders of a sufficient size and strength. The price of proper fendering is a very small percentage of the price of a boat or yacht, and the one time they protect your boat from damage will pay for the cost of fenders many times over.
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