Super Fair 212 Fairing Compound - Standard Converter - C2127
Super Fair 212 Fairing Compound - Standard Converter - C2127

Super Fair 212 Fairing Compound

2-Component • Solvent-Free • Epoxy Based • Lightweight Filler

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Alexseal's premium Super Fair 212 is specifically formulated for the marine market and is significantly lighter in weight and more flexible when cured than Alexseal's 202 Fairing Compound.
Modern boat designs - with their new materials and geometries - rounded corners and complex shapes - create new physical requirements for fairing compounds, and Alexseal's Super Fair 212 is the first fairing compound to address these issues.

Super Fair 212 can be applied in higher film thicknesses to outside curved surfaces.
It is also capable of withstanding the high temperatures encountered in dark colored boat hulls and topsides after long hours in the hot sun - without breaking down and losing its structural integrity as other fairing compounds can.

On large projects, Super Fair 212 is also better capable than other fairing compounds of withstanding machine mixing without any changes in its physical characteristics - greatly reducing the possibility of future coating failures.

Super Fair 212 can be used for fairing all appropriately prepared surfaces above and below the waterline.
If Super Fair 212 is used below the waterline it must be sealed with Alexseal Finish Primer 442 or Super Build 302.

• Excellent elasticity, expansion, and density characteristics
• Excellent application, sanding and non-sagging properties
• Can be applied to metals and fiberglass
• Designed to be easy to mix and apply
• High flexibility
• Excellent crack resistance under extreme climates
• Easier to sand - nearly 25% sandpaper savings over existing products
• Faster to sand - 20% time savings over existing products
• Greater holding characteristics
• Lightweight - saves up to 10% of material weight on a project
• Cured film provides an excellent surface for subsequent coatings
• Easy to mix - equal viscosities of base and converter - 1:1 by volume and weight; do not reduce
• Components have different colors to aid in determining when mixing is complete - a homogenous color should result

Note —
• Use the Thick Base for hot weather; Standard Base for cooler temperatures
• Use the Fast Converter in cooler weather or for quicker drying

Sample physical characteristics —
At 60°F -
• Potlife 60 min with Standard Converter; 45 min with Fast Converter
• Ready to sand after 36 hours with Standard Converter; 15 hours with Fast Converter
At 77°F -
• Potlife 40 min with Standard Converter; 25 min with Fast Converter
• Ready to sand after 18 hours with Standard Converter; 8 hours with Fast Converter

For additional information and more detailed specifications click here.

Note — ALL Alexseal paint products and components are sold separately.
This is a 2-part product which is available in several configurations. Make sure you purchase your choice of two components - base and converter.

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