Self-Tailing Winches  -  1 & 2 Speed

Two Speed Stainless Steel Self Tailing Winches - with Black Trim

Lightweight • Strong • Low Abrasion Power Rib Drum

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The Andersen name is synonymous with precision and reliability. All Andersen Winches feature their well-known stainless steel Power Rib ridged drum - which delivers a secure grip yet is easy on lines. These winches are corrosion-free, built to last, and look beautiful on your boat.

Unlike winches that use rough, abrasive drum surfaces to provide grip, Andersen Winch drums have vertical Power Ribs running up a smooth surface. The ribs provide grip due to their shape, not a textured surface. The result is a winch with exceptional grip yet minimumal wear on ropes - reducing the replacement costs of sheets and halyards.

What’s more, the Power Rib principle simply makes sailing more pleasurable —
• More grip than other drum designs means fewer turns on the winch - which makes tacking easier
• Although the ribbed surface provides superior horizontal grip, it offers minimal resistance to vertical movement. So whether cranking or easing, the sheet turns slide easily up or down the smooth drum, reducing the risk of overrides and jammed sheets. Easing, in particular, can be accomplished smoothly - without harsh shuddering or jerking

Andersen winches require less maintenance. All pawls and springs are captive, and the design of the winch allows you to easily strip it down for service and greasing in very few steps.

Andersen Winches are made from the best materials available. Within the rigid 316 stainless steel drum, the aluminum-bronze base is approximately 2-1/2 times stronger than traditional bronze. The pawls, made from machined AISI 316 cold-pressed stainless steel, are so strong that the winches never risk backing off.

Andersen winches save considerable weight on your boat. Due to the high strength of their components allowing for lighter scantlings, Andersen all stainless steel and bronze winches can offer the light weight of an aluminum winch - just pick one up to see! Now compare that to the heavy weight of a traditional chromed bronze winch that you would normally select for its durability.

• Available with standard black top cap and base, or in "Full" all-stainless steel models
• Amazingly strong - the all stainless steel and aluminum silicone bronze components are built to last
• Self-tailing arms adjust through 360°, and are curved to give a fair lead for lower friction
• Smooth Power Rib drum ensures a superior grip on the sheet without causing excessive wear - extends the life of your sheets and halyards
• Smooth Power Rib drum has no abrasive surface to wear down, and will provide the same powerful grip year after year
• Jaws adjust automatically to varying line diameters enabling a single winch to serve several purposes
• Pawls are made from unbreakable cold-pressed AISI 316 stainless steel bar
• Aluminum silicon bronze base plates are more than twice as strong as standard bronze, giving a light, stiff, and strong construction for increased winch efficiency
• AISI 329 stainless steel drive shaft with roller and ball bearings spaced as far apart as possible for maximum drum support
• Easy servicing with captive pawls and springs; corrosion-resistant construction only requires servicing every 2 years
• 3-year warranty

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