Electric Compact Self-Tailing Winches

Variable-Speed Compact Motor Self-Tailing Electric Winches - with Above Deck Motor

Incredibly Small But Powerful Above Deck Motor • No Below Deck Components

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If you desire the convenience of electric winches but have limited below-deck space, Andersen Compact Motor™ Electric Winches are the perfect choice. They use a purpose-built, highly compact, variable-speed motor that was developed especially with the size and shape of a winch in mind. With its highly efficient power consumption, impressive line speed, and high-load capacity, this small but powerful motor is the perfect power source for difficult electric winch placements.

Extremely easy to install and maintain, Compact Motor winches integrate the motor, gears, and power control unit into one super compact unit with no extra control box necessary. Cables are connected directly to the contacts in the motor base.
An Andersen exclusive, the Compact Electric Winch motor is built on a an entirely new commutator principle using no carbon brushes — resulting in the virtual elimination of the wear and tear of traditional electric motor designs. The Compact Motor uses 30 - 50% less power, yet can be positioned within the diameter of a standard winch mounting footprint for tight space applications.

On top of all that, the Compact Motor features variable speed operation. The operator can control the speed of the winch using the included, covered, magnetic push-button switch which senses the pressure applied and translates that into winch speed.

The Compact Motor Electric Winch is available in two models for either Above Deck or Below Deck motor placement. The Below Deck motor model takes up less space than other electric winch motors, making it the perfect choice where space is limited. In the Above Deck motor model, the winch is mounted directly on the motor housing for deck or mast installations where there is no space available below.

As with all Andersen winches, the Compact Motor Electric Winch features the exclusive stainless steel Power Rib drum for maximum power and extended line life. This model also features a self-tailing device that automatically accommodates a wide range of different line sizes.

Installation of the above-deck version is a breeze because there is no motor to install below the mounting surface. The motor used is a high efficiency, variable speed unit with a high line speed and good traction.
The design is simple with no extra power boxes and only 3 cables out of the unit, resulting in the smallest dimensions available in a motorized winch. The motor is built on new commutator principles using no carbon bushes, thus reducing wear and tear, as well as lowering power consumption 30 to 50%.

• Andersen Power Rib stainless steel drum for increased grip with less line wear and fewer overrides
• Variable speed motor, 12 VDC motors
• Self-contained, above deck models are ideal for mast installations on larger vessels
• The unit itself consists of 2 compartments: a completely sealed, water resistant motor compartment, and a gear compartment specially designed for easy access and maintenance
• Table: Line Entry is height above deck (all models); Depth is extension below deck (below deck models); Height is height of winch, only; Fastener Circle, Gear Ratios and Power Ratios are not specified by Andersen

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