Size 45 Tubular Track & End Fittings

Size 45 Tubular Track End Fittings

Hard Black Anodize Aluminum

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Antal's tubular track genoa car system is composed of a series of modular fittings designed for light weight and ease of adjustment and control for boats up to 33 feet. The system's unique method of running the control line inside the track results in a more organized and cleaner deck layout.

Note — This track is now discontinued.

• The aft end fitting is mounted directly on the back end of the track to lead the control line in any direction, port or starboard. Although we have this fitting in stock, it is now only useful as a replacement piece, as it must be used with the, now discontinued, Regatta hollow track it is sized for. (This track is still available in larger sizes such as ANL 4530.) • The forward end fitting has two sheaves that offers a 3:1 or 4:1 purchase. This end fitting can still be used on current Antal Series 100, #601.121 and 601.221 tracks (26 mm Wide x 20 mm High) - for 100 mm traveler cars for boats up to 33 ft in length. Note, however, that this block does not match the style of the current end block offerings from Antal

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