20512 Combo Fire Detector - 135F Fixed Detection

Hardwired to a Monitor Panel | Multivoltage | Galleys & Large Engine Rooms

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Aqualarm fire detection systems are sold both as complete systems, and as separate components typically consisting of an alarm panel and choice of 2-wire remote sensor/detectors.

Typically, 'fire detectors' are actually 'heat detectors' with the internal electrical switch contacts closing under pre-set temperature conditions.
This 20512 Remote Fire Detector is a combination detector with a Fixed 135°F setting as well as Rate of Rise detection for detecting unusually fast rises in temperature - even at lower temperatures - which could indicate the presence of a small, but rapidly growing fire.
With a pre-set temperature of 135°F, this detector is most suitable for placement in spaces where you don't expect very high temperatures. Suitable spaces might be a galley (but not placed too close to the blasts of heat from opening an oven door), saloon, or very large engine room (typically walk-around with stand-up headroom).

This 20512 Fire Detector is compatible with the Aqualarm 20277 Fire Panel, and 20278 Fire and Smoke Panel, and should work with any manufacturer's low voltage monitor panel that uses 2-wire (2-pole) detectors.
Multiple detectors can be wired in parallel to a single alarm panel.
These 2-wire detectors can also be wired in series (as an automatic on/off switch) to a powered bell, horn, or buzzer circuit for use as a customized fire alarm. Additional detectors, if desired, can then be wired in parallel.

• Normally open contacts - close to complete the circuit when activated
• 12V, 24V, 32V multi-voltage
• UL and ULC Listed
• Complies with Transport Canada, 10.3 Fire Detection and Alarm regulations
• Dimensions: 5-1/4" Dia. x 2" High (Combination detectors are larger than fixed-only detectors.)

This #20512 detector provides the fixed temperature function of the AQA 20112 Remote Fire Detector 135 Deg F Fixed, and adds the rate of rise safety feature.
At essentially the same price, it has largely replaced the model #20112 in the marketplace.

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