50 mm AK Block Type PB with SS Bearing
50 mm AK Block Type PB with SS Bearings

50 mm AK Block Type PB with SS Bearing

2" sheave | Up to 1/2" line | WLL up to 880 lb

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These blocks are now re-designed with a larger bolt in the swivel base for increased strength.
The edges of the sheave in this block fit into recesses in the cheeks to eliminate the possibility of the line snagging.

• Materials - SCS14 (equivalent to 316 SS)
• Swivel, Swivel pin, Sheave pin, nut - SUS304 (304 SS)
• Cheek design prevents rope from snagging
• Dual stainless steel bushings (one on each side) with rubber seals - see image
• Nut in the center of the main body is left-hand thread

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