80 mm Hanging Roller Type PB
80 mm Hanging Roller Type PB

80 mm Hanging Roller Type PB

Large throat accepts hardware

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With a reputation for working with their customers and valuing their feedback, Asano has undertaken a major re-design of their popular Type P Hanging Roller.

The key features of this second generation Type PB Roller are that it is both stronger and more durable than the original.
The new roller has a simple, clean and aesthetic design where all extraneous material has been stripped away.
The guard on the upper side of the sheave protrudes over the edges of the sheave to eliminate the possibility of the line getting jammed.
The Type PB Roller does its job well, and is easy to maintain.

Asano has increased the load bearing strength as well as the rotational performance of the sheave under high loads.
Corrosion resistance has been increased by introducing a stainless steel ball bearing for the first time - especially important in warmer fisheries where high salt concentrations increase rusting of metal components.

By increasing the sheave width and body opening, the Type PB Hanging Roller can now be used in a wider range of applications.
It has sufficient space to allow large diameter ropes as well as rigging hardware to pass through - so it can be used for land-based unloading, as well as at sea.

• Sheave guard is sloped to reduce the risk of ropes being caught
• Extra wide mouth allows ropes and fittings to easily pass through
• Thicker sheave pin socket improves main body strength
• Sheave pin bolt is tightly fixed by crimping to prevent loosening
• Stainless steel ball bearings for smooth rotation under load
• Dual stainless steel bearing races with rubber seals

Material - SCS11 (SUS329J1) special dual-phase stainless steel - selected for its high strength and abrasion/corrosion resistance.
Swivel, swivel pin, sheave pin - SUS304 (304 SS).

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