Mastclimber Kit
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Mastclimber Kit

Work Above the Mast Head Without Leaving the Chair

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The ATN Mastclimber is the only bosun chair that allows the operator to work above the mast head without leaving the chair.
Maintain and aloft all the standing rigging of your sailboat with the ATN "MASTCLIMBER". The Mastclimber will allow you to get up your mast safely and quickly, using your leg muscles without any outside help, even wh the boat heels, and you can open the ATN ascender to fit them directly OVER the halyard; no need for an extra static line.
• The new ATN mastclimber does not require a static line anymore as it can be fitted OVER any existing halyard.
• Minimal set-up time
• Simple to use, its set up time is minimal, and its rugged and simple construction will ensure years of use, allowing you to maintain and check aloft all the standing rigging of your sailboat.
• Rugged and simple construction ensures years of use
• Uses the leg muscles to climb, allowing you to reach the mast head not exhausted by the climb, and since it rides over your halyard, taut between the deck and the mast head, it prevents you from swaying away from the mast, helplessly, even if the boat heels over
• Operation of the ATN Mastclimber is done by alternatively standing up on the leg straps, which allows you to slide up the ascender of the bos'n's chair, then sitting onto the bos'n's chair, which allows you to slide up the ascender of the leg strap, then standing up on the leg straps. To descend the mast, the procedure is reversed.
• A Bosun's chair with back rest (Kit also available without)
• (2) ATN Ascenders
• Ascender leg straps, with loops for the feet
• Ascender bag, which can be used as a tool bag
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