316 SS Breeze Aero-Seal Lined Hose Clamps
Liner Clamps - Lined SS Hose Clamps

316 SS Breeze Aero-Seal Lined Hose Clamps

Protects Hoses From Clamp Perforation Damage

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An integral extension of these hose clamp bands acts as an inner liner to protect expensive soft-surface hose (silicone and others) from damage caused by extrusion or shearing through the worm gear slots in the band.
These inner liners are integral extensions of the band, not separate welded or riveted extensions that won't lie true to the clamping axis.
There are no bumps under the housing to jeopardize the concentricity of the seal, and no laminated coverings to disintegrate under heat, ultraviolet, chemical or corrosive attacks.
• Provides a true concentric seal
• Wide 9/16" (14 mm) band extends sealing pressure over a wide area
• All 316 stainless steel hex screw
• Heavy-duty, four piece Quadra-Lock construction allows higher tightening torque and maximizes vibration resistance
• Slotted hex head screw Per SAE standard J1508 Type "F"

Heavy on the technical side...
Alloy 316 Stainless Steel is an exceptionally corrosion resistant stainless steel alloy with properties that make it ideal for use in corrosive environments.

Most other 300-series stainless alloys are just Chrome-Nickel alloys, but 316 has 3% Molybdenum added. This added alloying element increases its resistance to crevice corrosion and stress-cracking corrosion, and reduces its ability to be magnetized.

316 stainless is an ideal material for marine, chemical, wastewater, and other harsh environments. The higher cost of the material is more than offset by significantly longer service life and a negligible failure rate.

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